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Who did it best? Me or Abbey?

Ok firstly, please don’t answer that. If you don’t know already, Abbey Lee Kershaw is my favourite model. In fact, she is one of the things that drew me to fashion. I loved the her photo shoots. It was a portrayal of a glamorous … Continue reading

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Style Star! Audrey Hepburn

Look! I found I can do something new! how exciting! what do you think?! of course I had to choose Audrey for the first Style Star… she’s such an elegant, timeless, graceful beauty.   oxox Serisha

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Hombre, this is the story of ombré

I’ve spoken about ombré hair at least once. And I have completely taken for granted that you know what it means! How rude of me. Let me explain to you in a post, with pictures (: ombré /ˈämˌbrā/ -A graduated … Continue reading

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Inspiration Board

Just a little inspiration board I put together quickly… such a busy week… should have exciting pictures for you posted by Friday… because I’m only allowed to post them on Friday! enjoy… oxox Serisha

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Pick a dress!

So its’s my grade 11 dance soon, well, in two months… But it’s still all very exciting. Mainly because I get a new dress. Naturally mine will be made. It wall also be copied off of some wildly famous and … Continue reading

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