Hombre, this is the story of ombré

I’ve spoken about ombré hair at least once. And I have completely taken for granted that you know what it means! How rude of me. Let me explain to you in a post, with pictures (:

ombré /ˈämˌbrā/ -A graduated or shaded effect of color. An ombre may range from light to dark tones of one color, or may be a shading of three or more colors for a “rainbow” effect.

It’s from the French term for ‘shaded’. Not Spanish like hombre, as some bloggers have been selling it. It really annoys me when people make up their own facts. A Google search, or Bing or whatever, only takes a few seconds and it lets you avoid looking like an idiot for forever.

So basically ombré hair is when you have dark roots and it gradually fades into a lighter shade down the length of your hair. It sorta looks like you have really bad regrowth, but if you do it on purpose and claim its fashionable, it can be really cool. It seems to have been around for a lot longer than I had thought, but it’s definitely a trend that is gaining momentum and quite fashion forward.

A lot of people may have a problem with it because it looks so much like regrowth, but it really grows on you… pardon the pun. I think I love it so much because of its unexpectedness… also the fact that it can be redyed over if you don’t like it and cut right off! It seems versatile.

It’s slightly very late so I’m just giving you a collage… I’m so tired and I’m getting so sick I can’t even make it symmetrical… Normally that would annoy me to no end… anyway, here’s my ombré collage

sleep sweet

oxox Serisha

About Improvising Fashion

17 year old who dreams of fashionable fairies and becoming the next Anna Wintour... only Indian, way skinny, and so much nicer.... better educated too.
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