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Monday’s= Matric dance

From now on, until I run out of pictures, I shall be blogging about the wonderful Matric Dance that had come to pass this Friday. Matric is the South African equivalent to the last year of school, i.e there should be a … Continue reading

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Outfitting: flower power

So it is officially no longer summer. It’s been overcast and cold! There is now a genuine need to wear not just a jacket; but a warm jacket! Imagine that! It’s cold and rainy, and generally depressing. I have to cover my legs … Continue reading

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Inspiration Board

Just a little inspiration board I put together quickly… such a busy week… should have exciting pictures for you posted by Friday… because I’m only allowed to post them on Friday! enjoy… oxox Serisha

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Pick a dress!

So its’s my grade 11 dance soon, well, in two months… But it’s still all very exciting. Mainly because I get a new dress. Naturally mine will be made. It wall also be copied off of some wildly famous and … Continue reading

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is currently too busy writing last minute science essays, reading advanced English and Afrikaans books, filing away last terms work, and doing everything else she should have done in the holidays, to get to her blog. Please leave a comment … Continue reading

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In a perfect world vol.2

I couldn’t be bothered with the preamble at this point in the day… perhaps later. But if it was the perfect world and I had the perfect wardrobe, today I would wear: It’s as much stripes as I can put … Continue reading

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In a perfect world vol.1

And I am officially on the way to becoming very sick. I hate being sick, mainly because that means that you need some sort of medication in order to ensure a swift and speedy recovery. So there won’t be any … Continue reading

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Outfitting: Socks & Shoes!

It’s official that winter has entered Durban! Much to my extreme disappointment. I woke up to dull, cloudy weather; spent the day with rain and dull, cloudy weather; and I expect to be sleeping through dull, cloudy weather. Oh how exciting, riveting really.  But the … Continue reading

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Outfitting: Trucker-Billy

Hello’s to all :). So today I went to the movies with my folks and my sister, and I opted for a look that really isn’t me at all. Denim and buffalo plaid. I felt like those stereotypical truckers in … Continue reading

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Attempting man repelling

The Man Repeller is one of my favourite blogs. I love reading her witting posts about the cunning and ingenious ways she has come up with up on how to repel the opposite sex.   A quick crash course on … Continue reading

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