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Matric Dance Mondays – Table Settings

I don’t think there’s much need for explanation here… But remember a while ago I posted pictures of the entrance of our school hall for our grade 12 dance? I promised a mini-series of posts showing just how amazing we decked out … Continue reading

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Outfitting: Beautiful Bows

Yesterday I went for something that might be the start of a very different higher education path for me. I shall share the details when I feel more secure about the venture but in the mean while I can tell … Continue reading

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The day sari’s taught me to enjoy being a kid

A few weekends ago I went to a wedding. Now I don’t know about you, but I love weddings. I love the over abundance of flowers and small children running around looking like little dress up dolls. But you see, … Continue reading

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I’m slightly peeved

So I brought pictures on my memory stick to blog about today. Only WordPress won’t bloody press them! So I’ve got a half written post just waiting for pictures to fill it and to be.. well… completely written! So I’m … Continue reading

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In a Perfect World… Ode to the Parka

Hello hello my lovelies. Today I wrote my seconds to last exam! How exciting is that. Thrilling. But today it is horrendously cold. Like so cold that I have to sit on my hands until they warm up so that … Continue reading

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Oufitting: Layered Ladies

So I wore this a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile back and just haven’t gotten around to posting it… I have far too many pictures under this category but alas, I’m far too lazy to upload them to my memory stick and then cart that … Continue reading

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Inspiration Board for today

I made an inspiration board today (: it took me forever to cut out those little people! It’s of all my favourite models and Audrey! I’m currently spamming my tumblog with pics and gif’s of her… she’s so beautiful! But here … Continue reading

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Fur: Faux or Against

So there’s a nation wide fur debate! I know, tell you something new you ask? I shall. Well, not entirely that new… Just my opinion. Excited aren’t you (: In the Fall/Winter ’11 fashion shows there was more than an abundance … Continue reading

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My Winter 2011

So here I am! Back in the world of blogging. Just bear with me for a paragraph as I explain my absence. So for the duration of my absence I have had no internet. At all. Why you ask? Because … Continue reading

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