Outfitting: running errands

I have been a bad blogger. Bad Serisha.

I do apologize for my lack of posts but in my defense, I have not been out in forever. I am at the end of week two of my three week holiday, and I haven’t gone out once. So I’ve been spending my time pitying myself and watching T.V until I couldn’t see straight. Life’s unfair.

But today I pulled myself out of my state of sulking, momentarily. Anyhow, I just ran some errands today with my mum and this is what I wore.

oxox Serisha

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Who did it best? Me or Abbey?

Ok firstly, please don’t answer that.

If you don’t know already, Abbey Lee Kershaw is my favourite model. In fact, she is one of the things that drew me to fashion. I loved the her photo shoots. It was a portrayal of a glamorous life filled with designer labels and reams of perfected looks.

But moving on. My love for Abbey is both plentiful and everlasting, I even cut my hair like hers. You will shortly see how much it has since grown out.

So this post is me attempting to channel the beauty and enigma that is Abbey Lee Kershaw. Please don’t judge me for not quite getting it right…

 This is Abbey (duh) in The Gentlewoman Editorial

and this is my version… gosh this is nerve wrecking

and that is how I look in black and white attempting to channel the face of Chanel… haha

oxox Serisha

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Outfitting: when it’s cold out yet you wear sunglasses

So it was freezing yesterday! But the sun was out! That’s because there’s a high pressure over the land during winter in South Africa. Guess who aces Geography? Yes I do!

Anyway, I think that sunglasses when it’s cold is an awfully romantic concept. I suppose it’s because sunglasses are associated with hot sun and beaches, and thrusting it into a world full of covered limbs and cold winds just seems so foreign. Besides the point.

Yesterday my mum and I went fabric shopping for fabric for my boyfriend’s dance, alas I didn’t find any that I liked… but this is what I wore:

I love that beanie so much.. I’m wearing it right now… I know it’s really odd, but I really like the feeling of having a warm head..

Eh, shopping for fabric is so much work… but when you know, you know… right?

oxox Serisha

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In a perfect world: vol.no one can remember

I haven’t done this in a whiiiile… and I haven’t had time to blog in a whiiiiile… So why not kill two birds with one stone?

I shall (:

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Matric Dance Monday: Gents

Yes, in an all girls’ school we do have male bathrooms.

You know the drill.


I have play practice now…

oxox Serisha

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Outfitting: Simple stripes

I went shopping with my sister and mum yesterday… unfortunately I bought nothing. At all. I was also quite surprised with myself…. Oh! My boyfriend asked me to his Matric Dance (: that means a dress!!! How awfully exciting! It’s so exciting! I cannot wait (:

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s outfit (:

I felt a bit like Alexa Chung, I won’t lie… but I don’t like her, so I don’t think ’twas a good thing feeling like her…

yes, that is a bucket bag hiding awayaw that’s Coco, the most precious, most special, most loving, most perfect dog you will ever meet.. she’s my little Spaniel

I have a Maths test tomorrow… I ought to study…

oxox Serisha

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Matric Dance Monday’s- Ladies’ room

by that, I do mean the girls’ toilets. But at my school, we get a bit excited and decorate everything in sight, including the toilets. But let me tell you something, it’s a beautiful sight.

some of these photo’s came out really nicely… I’m quite chuffed with myself for taking them! If you need a photographer, contact me (;

oxox Serisha

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