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Matric Dance Monday: Gents

Yes, in an all girls’ school we do have male bathrooms. You know the drill.   I have play practice now… oxox Serisha

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Matric Dance Monday’s- Ladies’ room

by that, I do mean the girls’ toilets. But at my school, we get a bit excited and decorate everything in sight, including the toilets. But let me tell you something, it’s a beautiful sight. some of these photo’s came … Continue reading

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Matric Dance Mondays- Teacher’s Table

On the night of the Matric Dance, teachers get shoved outside on the patio. They have their own little garden party. Luckily for them, there is a rose garden bush to their right. So this is what we decided to … Continue reading

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Outfitting: Civvies today

Civvies is civilian clothes… i.e what we get to wear when the school feels like it’s an important enough day to warrant the usage of comfortable clothes. And what would be important enough? Ascension Day. Yes I know I’m Hindu, but … Continue reading

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Monday’s= Matric dance

From now on, until I run out of pictures, I shall be blogging about the wonderful Matric Dance that had come to pass this Friday. Matric is the South African equivalent to the last year of school, i.e there should be a … Continue reading

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is currently too busy writing last minute science essays, reading advanced English and Afrikaans books, filing away last terms work, and doing everything else she should have done in the holidays, to get to her blog. Please leave a comment … Continue reading

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