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In a Perfect World… Ode to the Parka

Hello hello my lovelies. Today I wrote my seconds to last exam! How exciting is that. Thrilling. But today it is horrendously cold. Like so cold that I have to sit on my hands until they warm up so that … Continue reading

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Oufitting: Layered Ladies

So I wore this a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile¬†back and just haven’t gotten around to posting it… I have far too many pictures under this category but alas, I’m far too lazy to upload them to my memory stick and then cart that … Continue reading

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Fur: Faux or Against

So there’s a nation wide fur debate! I know, tell you something new you ask? I shall. Well, not entirely that new… Just my opinion. Excited aren’t you (: In the Fall/Winter ’11 fashion shows there was more than¬†an abundance … Continue reading

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