Outfitting- I can be posh too

This is a story of how this dress got from looking like above, to looking like below.

Now, it has taken me from lat night, until now, to load these photos, so I hope you appreciate my story.

On Thursday we had our last meeting of the Gavel Club year, the year runs from June to June. Gavel is a bit like Toastmasters only much cooler. We get dressed up, have a light meal and listen to the most exquisite speeches. On Thursday, a new president was elected for the 2011-’12 year. I was that president (:

Anyway, so about half an hour before I was supposed to leave, I was running around like a headless chicken. I just had to find something to wear! I had no long dresses, apparently my mum didn’t either, and I was stuck!

Then she produced a dress that was a size 10. I’m an 8. Soooo being the improviser that I am! I added a short dress and a belt and called it a day (: I love improvising fashion!

oxox Serisha


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Style Star! Audrey Hepburn

Look! I found I can do something new! how exciting! what do you think?!

of course I had to choose Audrey for the first Style Star… she’s such an elegant, timeless, graceful beauty.


oxox Serisha

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Matric Dance Mondays- Teacher’s Table

On the night of the Matric Dance, teachers get shoved outside on the patio. They have their own little garden party. Luckily for them, there is a rose garden bush to their right. So this is what we decided to give them.

happy Monday everybody!

oxox Serisha


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Outfitting: Grandma chic… I hope

I watched Hangover Part 2 yesterday. I laughed myself silly. But before we went into the cinema, my boyfriend and I were looking at ties for him. While we were doing this, he pointed out that his granny had a jersey that looked just like mine. I would have whacked him with my flowers if they weren’t so pretty.

Justin Timberlake’s style is regularly dubbed, grandpa chic, so right now, I’m praying that my ensemble for yesterday can also be dubbed chic. If not, pardon my insanity… Yes, I am slightly nervous…

My fringe has grown out and I really need to get it trimmed, but I just haven’t found the time… So I tried something new with it yesterday… I didn’t like it. But hay, we live and we learn.

I really really like this skirt… I shall redeem it…

So? What’s your verdict? Was this a complete fail?… I did notice some people looking at me oddly…

oh well… school tomorrow :\ science outing yay >rolls eyes<

oxox Serisha

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Hombre, this is the story of ombré

I’ve spoken about ombré hair at least once. And I have completely taken for granted that you know what it means! How rude of me. Let me explain to you in a post, with pictures (:

ombré /ˈämˌbrā/ -A graduated or shaded effect of color. An ombre may range from light to dark tones of one color, or may be a shading of three or more colors for a “rainbow” effect.

It’s from the French term for ‘shaded’. Not Spanish like hombre, as some bloggers have been selling it. It really annoys me when people make up their own facts. A Google search, or Bing or whatever, only takes a few seconds and it lets you avoid looking like an idiot for forever.

So basically ombré hair is when you have dark roots and it gradually fades into a lighter shade down the length of your hair. It sorta looks like you have really bad regrowth, but if you do it on purpose and claim its fashionable, it can be really cool. It seems to have been around for a lot longer than I had thought, but it’s definitely a trend that is gaining momentum and quite fashion forward.

A lot of people may have a problem with it because it looks so much like regrowth, but it really grows on you… pardon the pun. I think I love it so much because of its unexpectedness… also the fact that it can be redyed over if you don’t like it and cut right off! It seems versatile.

It’s slightly very late so I’m just giving you a collage… I’m so tired and I’m getting so sick I can’t even make it symmetrical… Normally that would annoy me to no end… anyway, here’s my ombré collage

sleep sweet

oxox Serisha

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Outfitting: Civvies today

Civvies is civilian clothes… i.e what we get to wear when the school feels like it’s an important enough day to warrant the usage of comfortable clothes.

And what would be important enough? Ascension Day. Yes I know I’m Hindu, but I go to a Christian school. A private Christian school. Aren’t I cool >grin< So today we got to finish school an hour and 1omins earlier plus we got to wear civvies, with as much white as possible. But you know how the mornings are… so I had about 5 seconds to decide what to wear… I saw white and just put it on. This is what happened….

It was incredibly cold… well I suppose it does tend to get that way in winter. It felt like a Friday today >sigh< but tomorrow’s Friday so I still have to get through tomorrow!

Oh well, at least we got to civvies today (:

much love

oxox Serisha

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Matric Dance Mondays – Table Settings

I don’t think there’s much need for explanation here… But remember a while ago I posted pictures of the entrance of our school hall for our grade 12 dance? I promised a mini-series of posts showing just how amazing we decked out that hall…. welll… here it is! yay (: scintillating

next week I’ll have some more for you!

But I have some news while I’m telling you lovelies stuff… it’s the end of exams (yay!) But that signals the beginning of inter-house plays at school! I am in the play, as Dotty Otley in Noises Off. This means that a lot of my time is going to be dedicated to the play and learning my lines as well as school that, unfortunately, is still very important and for marks!

The play’s on the 23rd and that’s really not far away… I’m so nervous for learning lines! I may not be posting as frequently but rest assured, after the play there are three whole weeks of holidays! I have some very exciting posts planned for then (:

Just bear with me for a bit?

love you lots!

oxox Serisha









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