In a Perfect World… Ode to the Parka

Hello hello my lovelies. Today I wrote my seconds to last exam! How exciting is that. Thrilling.

But today it is horrendously cold. Like so cold that I have to sit on my hands until they warm up so that they don’t snap off as I type. Eh-nee-way! So today as I drove up the hill to school.. today as my mum drove me up the hill to school today, I thought of the humble parka. That parka that would undoubtedly get me through this awful day by keeping me warm and looking fabulous!

So the best way to cherish this beautiful thing? A perfect world outfit post (: I love you parka!

I know. It’s a lot of black for me. But it’s so cold and miserable that I don’t really feel like wearing anything moderately bright… except for that gorgeous summery scarf that makes me smile >insert my smiling face here< I love those boots, so much. I know suede and rain don’t mix too well, but that suede and leather mix well enough! I can imagine being very warm and cosy in this. And that’s all I need today. Well, that warm, cosy feeling, a good movie and my boyfriend. That’s all I need today.

I hope you’re enjoying better weather.

oxox Serisha


About Improvising Fashion

17 year old who dreams of fashionable fairies and becoming the next Anna Wintour... only Indian, way skinny, and so much nicer.... better educated too.
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