Oufitting: Layered Ladies

So I wore this a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile back and just haven’t gotten around to posting it… I have far too many pictures under this category but alas, I’m far too lazy to upload them to my memory stick and then cart that to school and then do my uploading business here. But yesterday I had the day off, because lucky me I didn’t have an exam, so I thought I might as well.

So this is what I wore one Saturday evening when it was freezing outside.

I love bows in curly hair…

It’s a Swarovski… It makes me feel expensive (:

The important thing to note here, aside from my surplus of messy hair, is that I have two different earrings on! I love that… though I want just one feathered earring… I need to get on that…

Yes, that is my H&M leather jacket! And that is my furry vest underneath it! So, leather jacket + furry vest = fabulously warm! So while everyone else shivered that evening, I was all nice and warm while maintaining my ever-so-cool look. LoL I joke with you! But I did feel ever-so-cool. That’s a silk scarf (: I love it so much

oxox Serisha

About Improvising Fashion

17 year old who dreams of fashionable fairies and becoming the next Anna Wintour... only Indian, way skinny, and so much nicer.... better educated too.
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1 Response to Oufitting: Layered Ladies

  1. gary piano says:

    u have an awesome style going on for yourself…ur absolutely beautiful!

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