My Winter 2011

So here I am! Back in the world of blogging. Just bear with me for a paragraph as I explain my absence. So for the duration of my absence I have had no internet. At all. Why you ask? Because Telkom is incapable of delivering continuous internet access for longer than a six month period. That’s why. But moving along.

Being from South Africa, right at this moment there are two important beginnings coinciding at this moment. Firstly, it’s the beginning of winter, a new wonderful season to dress for. And it’s exams. I wrote Afrikaans today and then scuttled to the library to bring you My Winter 2011!

So I’m no slave to fashion. Ok. Maybe only a bit. I will watch FashionTV until I memorize the season, but I won’t necessarily follow trends unless I find them relevent to me. But here are my favourite things for this winter.

Must Haves:

Hosiery is my new thing. I am absolutely thigh or knee high socks with those summer shorts. I could die. And patterned tights. I used to laugh at the last principle of my school because she wore them a lot; then I saw them on Gossip Girl. I think short sleeved cardigan’s with delicate detailing is going to be a staple of mine this winter. And because the sun never really does stop shining on my little patch of heaven, I am definitely going to invest in a new pair of sunglasses. And I need, absolutely need, a leopard print scarf.

Lust Haves:

If I had an unlimited amount of money… I would carry on shopping and then buy some gloves! I really want gloves from Forever New, they’re perfectly classy with a hint of quirk. Then, because it’s winter and we can be overly indulgent, fur boots! Because what is better than boots? Boots with fur. I know a quilted bag isn’t that overboard… but when you have as many as I do… it is. And to finish it off, the ultimate indulgence; cashmere. A cashmere scarf. Because, after all, I am the scarf lady.

oxox Serisha

About Improvising Fashion

17 year old who dreams of fashionable fairies and becoming the next Anna Wintour... only Indian, way skinny, and so much nicer.... better educated too.
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