Outfitting: Trucker-Billy

Hello’s to all :).

So today I went to the movies with my folks and my sister, and I opted for a look that really isn’t me at all. Denim and buffalo plaid. I felt like those stereotypical truckers in American films with shirts tucked in over their beer bellies and denim waistcoats trimmed with the fur of some animal they probably ran over with their truck… attractive. But I felt wonderfully bad-ass and it was comfortable! So I walked around with s straight back and a slight drunken swagger. Jokes… I didn’t do that 🙂

Don’t you just love that belt? Me too! But it’s such a hack to adjust! Took me like ten minutes!

ah-ha I fooled you! Looks like I’m having a lovely time texting? But no I’m not!

Kate Moss and Jessica Stam were telling me some wonderful jokes (:

That was today, I honestly could not have cared less about my hair. Or my lack of warm shoes which I did later regret… Looks like winter is coming in… I’d better pull out the warm clothes. LOLJK, I’m just going to bring out the socks and tights and jackets!

Sleep sweet everyone. Night

oxox Serisha

p.s those are the cupboard doors of my bedroom.


About Improvising Fashion

17 year old who dreams of fashionable fairies and becoming the next Anna Wintour... only Indian, way skinny, and so much nicer.... better educated too.
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